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Assistant Principal

Lauren Townsend - Teacher (Primary)

I am originally from Casino and moved to Moree in July 2014. I feel blessed to be given this opportunity to be a part of the Barwon family and have learned so much from the staff and children.

My philosophy of education:

It is my perception that children themselves are in charge of their own learning. As a teacher, I would promote a very constructivist approach in my classroom, facilitating and building on what the students already know. Students' prior knowledge is the key to designing lessons that cater for the students' needs.

As a teacher, I think that it is imperative to be able to accommodate for the varying diversities and cultures within the classroom. No two students are the same, or learn in the same way, so providing students with a variety of ways to learn is an essential part of programming.

My personal values would be incorporated in my classroom; respect is earned, not demanded or forced. Setting boundaries for students I believe is paramount to their success. From my observations, students thrive on boundaries and once the boundaries have been set, they have the confidence to be able to work independently.

Children need to have stability and this is one of the things that I would promote in my classroom. I want students to walk into my classroom and feel safe and welcome. In my classroom, I would encourage relationship building and teamwork. I would want my classroom to be united as one to promote the safety of the classroom.

Personally as a teacher, I want to be approachable to students, fun, positive, stable, trustworthy, respectful and reliable. These are the values I would encourage my students to follow within the classroom.

Teaching to me is definitely not about just teaching students things from a textbook. Teaching to me is so much broader. It is about encouraging students to build on their learning from real life experiences; and doing their best, not being the best. I want to be actively involved with my students, encouraging them to be self-regulated learners. In turn, this will promote independence. I want my students to be able to walk out into the big, wide world and not fall apart, but approach challenges head on with an open mind and can-do attitude.